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Last Updated: 3 March 2005

8:50AM CST


3 March 2005 - the ZIP file for Creek County was replaced to correct a projection

error in the AUX file - the file was incorrectly identified as UTM14N when

UTM15N is the correct projection information for Creek County.

Please seem the readme1st.txt file included in the ZIP file for

Creek County for further details.  If you wish to access the old

zip file it is still available HERE.


Please be aware that these files are 150-600mb each and can take a substantial time to download.

Each Zip file contains the MrSID Image, the World File, an .aux file, and a .txt file for one county mosaic.


Since the posting of this site, some users on connections with less bandwidth than T3 have

experienced problems with timeouts or corrupted files when executing a standard http download.

Since the discovery of this issue we have tried several solutions with varying degrees of success.

As of Wed 15 Dec 2004, we believe that a workable solution is now available for most or all

users experiencing these download hangups.


Thanks to Glenn Pope of the City of Lawton, we have found that using a DOWNLOAD MANAGER

will solve this problem.  This technique has been tested by Glenn and several other users on

internet connections slower than T3, and to this point no failures such as those we have

experienced in the past have been encountered.


Three sites for DOWNLOAD MANAGERS are provided here, although we at OCGI

have no preference as to which you select among these or any other options you may find

(the first has a free version that works well, although it does have ads built into it):








County (FIPS filesize UTM zone)

Adair County (40001 193mb UTM-15N)

Alfalfa County (40003 255mb UTM-14N)

Atoka County (40005 341mb UTM-14N)

Beaver County (40007 421mb UTM-14N)

Beckham County (40009 237mb UTM-14N)

Blaine County (40011 241mb UTM-14N)

Bryan County (40013 287mb UTM-14N)

Caddo County (40015 315mb UTM-14N)

Canadian County (40017 259mb UTM-14N)

Carter County (40019 246mb UTM-14N)

Cherokee County (40021 254mb UTM-15N)

Choctaw County (40023 269mb UTM-15N)

Cimarron County (40025 418mb UTM-13N)

Cleveland County (40027 198mb UTM-14N)

Coal County (40029 165mb UTM-14N)

Comanche County (40031 316mb UTM-14N)

Cotton County (40033 210mb UTM-14N)

Craig County (40035 233mb UTM-15N)

Creek County (40037 287mb UTM-15N)

Custer County (40039 271mb UTM-14N)

Delaware County (40041 234mb UTM-15N)

Dewey County (40043 270mb UTM-14N)

Ellis County (40045 341mb UTM-14N)

Garfield County (40047 294mb UTM-14N)

Garvin County (40049 251mb UTM-14N)

Grady County (40051 321mb UTM-14N)

Grant County (40053 275mb UTM-14N)

Greer County (40055 219mb UTM-14N)

Harmon County (40057 158mb UTM-14N)

Harper County (40059 294mb UTM-14N)

Haskell County (40061 218mb UTM-15N)

Hughes County (40063 267mb UTM-14N)

Jackson County (40065 262mb UTM-14N)

Jefferson County (40067 294mb UTM-14N)

Johnston County (40069 204mb UTM-14N)

Kay County (40071 273mb UTM-14N)

Kingfisher County (40073 275mb UTM-14N)

Kiowa County (40075 310mb UTM-14N)

Latimer County (40077 223mb UTM-15N)


LeFlore County (40079 427mb UTM-15N)

Lincoln County (40081 275mb UTM-14N)

Logan County (40083 248mb UTM-14N)

Love County (40085 170mb UTM-14N)

McClain County (40087 209mb UTM-14N)

McCurtain County (40089 449mb UTM-15N)

McIntosh County (40091 243mb UTM-15N)

Major County (40093 315mb UTM-14N)

Marshall County (40095 160mb UTM-14N)

Mayes County (40097 200mb UTM-15N)

Murray County (40099 168mb UTM-14N)

Muskogee County (40101 292mb UTM-15N)

Noble County (40103 265mb UTM-14N)

Nowata County (40105 187mb UTM-15N)

Okfuskee County (40107 227mb UTM-14N)

Oklahoma County (40109 218mb UTM-14N)

Okmulgee County (40111 228mb UTM-15N)

Osage County (40113 590mb UTM-14N)

Ottawa County (40115 147mb UTM-15N)

Pawnee County (40117 245mb UTM-14N)

Payne County (40119 228mb UTM-14N)

Pittsburg County (40121 407mb UTM-15N)

Pontotoc County (40123 242mb UTM-14N)

Pottawatomie County (40125 286mb UTM-14N)

Pushmataha County (40127 414mb UTM-15N)

Roger Mills County (40129 287mb UTM-14N)

Rogers County (40131 229mb UTM-15N)

Seminole County (40133 225mb UTM-14N)

Sequoyah County (40135 209mb UTM-15N)

Stephens County (40137 274mb UTM-14N)

Texas County (40139 472mb UTM-14N)

Tillman County (40141 251mb UTM-14N)

Tulsa County (40143 222mb UTM-15N)

Wagoner County (40145 206mb UTM-15N)

Washington County (40147 151mb UTM-15N)

Washita County (40149 283mb UTM-14N)

Woods County (40151 379mb UTM-14N)

Woodward County (40153 362mb UTM-14N)

The name of the desired county is "clickable" if the county mosaic image is available.